Friday, January 26, 2018

Sibelius: Four Legends from 'the Kalevala' [Nonesuch H-71203] an LP recorded in 1968

Here we have a lovely LP from the Nonesuch label, featuring really glorious wrap-around psychedelic artwork by Gene Szafran.

It is one of a pair of titles of 20th century music recorded by the Buffalo (NY) Philharmonic conducted by Lukas Foss, who later on went to become the artistic director of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. Foss, a close friend of Leonard Bernstein, had a composing career which is reasonably well represented on LPs. 


  1. It seems that the lossless files are corrupt. At least I am unable to play them or to convert them to FLAC. Please use proper FLAC files in the future instead of the files you use right now. Thanks in advance.

    1. I have downloaded both FLAC files (24/96 and 16/44) and they play fine as FLAC files and also play perfectly after conversion to WAV files.

      I have made many errors in three years of having a music blog but uploading damaged or corrupt files has never happened.

      I suggest you re-download the file and try again.

      If anyone else has some trouble, please let me know about it detail.

  2. the files are NOT corrupt. plays fine as FLAC on Foobar. thanks for posting this!

  3. Hello. Thank you very much for this rare LP. Sound is very fine, natural. It seems to me that you don't filter sound. It is very good. Please don't filter the sound, give us the real sound of your vinyls. Thank you very much for your work and time spent to preper content of your blog. Thank you.

  4. Many thanks for this. I have the original LP, obtained second-hand. Sadly the cover is in a very poor state, to which state the LPs (even more sadly) cannot hope to aspire. Maybe at long last I'll be able to hear how good it really sounds!